One Year And Nearly 400 Posts Later

It’s been one year to the day since I started this blog and put up my first post. Nearly 400 posts later it’s amazing how many topics the industry is talking about, what the hot topics are today and how much of what we were taking about a year ago, or eight years ago, is once again coming full-circle.

My thanks to the loyal readers and subscribers of the blog and all the sponsors who enable me to be able to sit down and write something nearly everyday. Support from sponsors has been overwhelming and I hope that in their eyes I am providing some good thought-provoking content via the blog for discussion.

My thanks to some of the newest blog sponsors: EdgeCast, Skytide, Microsoft, Internap, Adobe and to my long running sponsors of Limelight Networks, Tremor Media, Ignite Technologies, Ortiva Wireless and many of the other companies who have sponsored the blog.

Next month, I’ll be doing some re-design of the blog layout to make things a bit easier to read, less clutter, and will be moving over to standard ad sizes.

Thanks again for everyone’s support and as always, if you have ideas for the blog, if there are topics you want me to write more about, I am always open to feedback, good or bad.