Another CDN Goes Hybrid: Internap Launching P2P Service

As was expected, Internap announced this morning details on their new P2P service due out by the end of the year. Developed in conjunction with Pando Networks, Internap now joins VeriSign and CacheLogic as CDNs with a hybrid delivering offering. Akamai is also expected to announce their P2P offering next week.

This is a big shift in mentality for many of the CDNs who even 18 months ago would not even consider P2P as being a legitimate offering. But based on the change in the market with more bits being delivered, at higher bitrates, with lower pricing and different tiered levels of service, not to mention laying the framework for the HD demand that will result a few years from now; P2P technology is something the CDNs had to embrace.

This is good news for everyone, customers and vendors. The one size fits all mentality that CDNs have had for some time is now being replaced with the idea that it’s about using the best combination of technologies to deliver the right type of content, to the right user, in the right manner. The mentality of many CDNs has changed quite a lot in the past two years, all for the better.