Updated CDN Pricing Coming Next Month At CDNPricing.com

Since my post in August entitled "CDN Pricing Data: What The CDNs Are Actually Charging For Delivery", I’ve gotten enhanced insight into CDN pricing thanks to many new CDN customers who have come across my pricing post and have reached out to share a lot of new data with me. I’ve probably seen close to 50 contracts just in the month of September alone and many new readers to my blog are sending in data on what they are paying.

Next month, I will be doing an updated post comparing the CDN pricing averages from 3-4 months ago. To make it easy to find on my blog, you can now go to www.CDNpricing.com which will send you directly to the latest post with the pricing data.

I’ll be doing an update sometime in November and had been waiting for BitGravity and BitTorrent to have officially launched so they can be included in the pricing round up as well. I will also have pricing averages from Level 3 as they are expected to launch their CDN for streaming in the beginning of November and I’m already seeing pricing from them on CDN for downloads.

In the mean time, if you are a customer of a CDN and want to share your data, I’m happy to chat with you to share what I am seeing in the market. You can contact me at anytime.