When It Comes To The Market, I’m Not A “Financial” Analyst

While I've mentioned this a few times in various post, I think it needs repeating in a post dedicated to the subject. While I provide a lot of data on the market, in particular the CDN industry, I don't provide any data so that I can speculate what a companies stock price will do in the short term, or long term. I don't own any stock in any public company, in fact, I have never purchased, sold or traded a single share of stock in any public company, ever.

If the price of a stock goes up or down, or the market valuation of a company changes, I am not compensated in any way. I provide data to the industry so that people can make informed decisions as to what's really happening in the online video industry. My intention of doing this is the hope that the data allows for clearer understanding of our industry and allows for customers to buy and use these services more often, to greater adoption.

If the data I provide is used by financial analysts for any type of financial evaluation, then great, it's being used by multiple people for insight into the industry in different ways. But since so many of my blog postings are now being syndicated by money mangers and financial investors, I think it's important for me to have on record on the blog that I do not benefit in any way from the share price of any company.