Mobile Video Delivery Heats Up: Ortiva Wireless Raises $15 Million

Mobile Video Delivery
Ortivia Wireless, a network specializing in mobile video and multimedia content delivery announced that they have raised $15 million in its Series B funding led by Comcast Interactive Capital. I first met Ortiva at the Streaming Media West show last year and profiled them on my blog back in February.

The size of this funding should be a clear indication to the industry that mobile video delivery is starting to gain traction and will soon become a real business. Using a content delivery network that has been built to deliver content just for mobile devices is going to become a requirement for content creators, especially since the traditional CDNs are setup to do very limited mobile video delivery. Of the nearly ten content delivery networks in the U.S. today, seven out of ten of them don’t have any mobile video delivery offering at all. And the few that do offer a very basic service in some cases charge up to 10x what they charge for regular CDN delivery as they are not properly setup to truly deliver video to mobile. just profiled the CEO of Ortiva Wireless, DeWayne Nelon this past Friday and did a Q&A interview that discusses some details of Ortiva’s offering. Ortiva is one to watch.