What Questions Would You Ask ABC, FOX, Yahoo! and AOL About Video?

Internet TV
This Thursday, I am moderating a panel at the OMMA Video show in NYC entitled "TV Content Comes Online: Prime Time on the Web" with panelists from ABC, FOX, Yahoo! and AOL. I plan on focusing the discussion around the "business models" that are trying to be established around professionally produced content. My questions will include:

  • do the major broadcasters really see Internet video as "TV on the Web"?
  • how many people are really watching this content on the Web?
  • what does it costs to sponsor/buy ads around video content?
  • how many eyeballs do content creators need to get before advertising can support and cover their costs of producing and distributing video online?
  • has anything been successful from a sponsorship or advertising side of monetization of video?
  • who has real numbers on how many more eyeballs the networks are getting to the TV, where they make their real money, because of their use of video on the Web?

What other points of discussion do you think should be discussed?

Readers of the blog can get a discounted pass to the show ($395) by registering here and using discount code VEDISCSTRM.