ChinaCache Closes Series B Round Of $31.5 Million

Last month, the largest content delivery network in the China region, ChinaCache, announced it had raised a Series B round of $31.5 million. I’m surprised not to have seen this talked about on a lot of websites considering ChinaCache is considered to be the premier company in their region with little, if no competition.

I don’t know much about ChinaCache as a company but they say they have nodes in 50 major cities across China and did $10 million in revenue for 2006. They also have Yahoo! and Nokia as partners for their CDN service. This is a company to watch. It’s only a matter of time before they see some serious revenue growth in a region that is growing as fast, it not faster, then the U.S. market. I’m surprised that no U.S. based CDN has done any type of integration with them, or if they have, aren’t promoting it heavily. Anyone else have more info on ChinaCache?