Video Technologies Are Converging, People Aren’t

While we see many of the online video technologies converging across the media, broadcast, publishing, advertising and entertainment industries, I don’t think there are enough companies and executives in those verticals who are converging with one another.

While it is great to see just how many new people from multiple verticals were at the Streaming Media east show this year, all shows still seem to be made up of people from different industries who don’t talk to one another. The broadcasters don’t know the publishers. The media guys don’t know the advertisers. I see this at all shows. The same holds true for how all these executives network with one another and where they go to get their news. The broadcasters don’t know about the blogs and news outlets the entertainment guys know about and vice versa.

For instance, I was asking many attendees if they knew of local networking events here in NYC and in most cases, they only knew of them if they were from the industry the event was about. For instance, the publishers and broadcasters know about the NY:MIEG events, but the media and advertising guys don’t. And the media and content companies know about the NY Video 2.0 MeetUp, but the advertisers and publishers don’t.

The technologies are becoming less fragmented and more intertwined but I don’t see many of the executives in all of these verticals really crossing over to other shows, blogs, networking events in the way I think they need to be.