Online Video Is Not Web 2.0 Or In A “Bubble”

I am getting really tired of people writing about the online video industry in the media and referencing the technology as Web 2.0 or worse yet, describing our industry as being in a "bubble". Online video is not in a bubble and the technology has been around 13 years. I don’t think you can call any technology part of Web 2.0 when it’s been around as long as streaming media has and personally, I think the whole Web 2.0 term is nonsense anyway.

Many of these writers who are writing about online video have got it all wrong. User generated content is in a bit of a bubble right now, not video. Just because video is part of the whole UGC space, which includes blogs, podcasts, vblogging etc… does not make the technology of video as something that should not be taken seriously.

Many of you, especially the vendors, who have spent a lot of time, effort and money to brand and market your products and services have done so to present a real product or service. You’ve done all this work so that your offering will be seen as anything but something in a "bubble". I think it’s bad for the entire industry when vendors products and services are treated as if they just part of some online video bubble. So the next time you are at a conference, read an article or hear someone reference the online video industry and your products and services as being part of a "bubble", set them straight.