Looking For Interesting Board Positions Pertaining To Online Video

Years ago, I’ve used to be on a lot of boards of companies from hardware manufactures and content creators to non-profits and service based providers. I really enjoyed the positions as it gave me insight into other segments of the industry and allowed me to continue to always learn more. I’m looking to do more of that again and have been getting a bunch of offers as of late. If you know of an interesting board position or have one at your company and think it’s a fit, please drop me a line. I am more interested in companies who have an actual product or service out on the market as opposed to companies who are still in stealth mode and have no proof of concept.

I’m open to any ideas and will be evaluating all of the offers and picking two or three companies to work with starting this year. It could a company involved in any form of IP based video content/service across any kind of network. I like working with companies who want to build a real long term business and who’s business model is not to build something in twelve months and then try and sell it.