Why Are Bloggers Not Easier To Contact?

Since I started this blog two weeks ago, I have received a lot of calls and e-mails from people based on my contact info I have on the site. People are always amazed when they get a response to their e-mail or actually have a number to call when they have a question. I know what they mean.

I have contacted a lot of bloggers before who are running business blogs, blogs they are making money from, blogs where their sole business is blogging, and many times you never get any response from them. Too many times they either don’t have contact info on their website, they don’t return e-mails or more often than you would believe, don’t even have an e-mail address listed on their blog. And when was the last time you saw a phone number on a bloggers website?

There are over 58 million blogs on the Internet today and only a small percentage of those are business blogs with real traffic. You would think all bloggers would want to build a good, lasting relationship with their readers and stand out from the crowd. With all the blogs out there, readers have a choice. Are they going to  visit a blog that helps them when they have a question or one that simply wants to dish out news and comments without giving anything back? This does not apply to all bloggers, some are great with communication, but as I have seen first-hand, way too many aren’t.