Ortiva Wireless Launches Content Delivery Network For Mobile Video

I follow the content delivery market for video probably closer than any other facet of this space because it’s how I got started in the industry and I really enjoy how fast the CDN market changes.

While most CDNs are talking about and working on the delivery of video over the Internet, Ortiva Wireless has a taken a different approach and has built out a CDN specific to the delivery of only mobile video. I recently completed a survey of content owners and current CDNs and found out that most CDNs have no offering for mobile delivery or have one that is very limited. The reason for this is simple. Mobile delivery in the U.S. is not yet a real business. Traditional CDNs can’t spend a lot of time and money to invest in mobile delivery if they can’t get near-immediate revenue. But for a company like Ortiva Wireless, they have the potential to create some real revenue based on the fact that it’s all they specialize in. Content owners I spoke to, both large and small, found that mobile delivery over traditional CDNs was complex, expensive and confusing. Delivery of video for mobile is not easy from a technical perspective as delivering videos to PCs is.

I first met the executive team from Ortiva Wireless at the Streaming Media West show at the end of last year. I heard their pitch and liked their technology and the fact that they are focused on offering a single product and service. They know what content owners want for mobile video delivery and have confidence about the business they can build over the coming years as mobile video starts to get adopted. Yes, there are some big potential hurdles that mobile delivery in the U.S. has to overcome, but at some point in time, video to mobile will become a real business and Ortiva Wireless is looking to lay the groundwork now to be a major player when it hits.