Learn The End-To-End Video Streaming Workflow, Used To Stream Super Bowl 53

At the Streaming Summit, taking place April 8-9, at the NAB Show, Zac Shenker, Director of Engineer, Video Delivery, Optimization & Experience at CBS Interactive will detail all the components of the end-to-end video streaming workflow, used to stream Super Bowl 53 across both the CBS Sports & CBS All Access platforms.

Entitled “Engineering A Modern Super Bowl Streaming Workflow From The Ground Up“, Zac will showcase how CBS Interactive setup signal acquisition, where the digital group collaborated closely with broadcast to ensure signals could be routed to multiple encoders in multiple independent facilities, and learn how these encoders were configured for maximum reliability and visual quality. You will also hear about the ad workflow and use of burnt-in ad content with client side impressions/beacons, and why that was chosen over using server side ad insertion. The presentation will also detail the importance of private network interconnects for delivering content to origins in multiple locations, and how a multi-CDN strategy was implemented, including the importance of doing CDN decisioning in a manner that can react to real-time changes in network conditions.

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