Accenture, Your Webcast With Hotstar Wasn’t A “World Record”

Here we go again. It seems every year we have a few companies involved in a webcast that are quick to pat themselves on the back calling it a “world record”. The latest is Accenture, who is promoting the Hotstar cricket webcast in 2018 saying it, “established the world record for the highest observed concurrency on a streaming platform, at 10.3 million concurrent views.” Accenture is touting this statement via a case study they have done to highlight their Accenture Video Solutions platform. The problem with their statement is that it’s simply false. On May 20th, 2018, the League Of Legends final peaked at just over 24.5M simultaneous streams. And unlike Accenture’s lower number, the League Of Legends number was verified by a third-party company, ESC. Who was Accenture’s verified by? While the Hotstar webcast was big, calling it a “world record” on a “streaming platform” is simply wrong. It wasn’t and Accenture should know better to advertise it as such. If you really want to impress us Accenture, give us numbers about the quality of the stream, not just how many were connected to it.