New Customer Data Available On CDN/Web Performance Pricing, Multi-CDN Usage and Cloud Security; SSAI Coming Soon

I’ve completed some recent surveys in Q1, collecting data from customers that use various products/services in the market. Below are more details on what I have collected so please reach out to me if you are interested in acquiring any of the data, or if you’d like me to do any custom data collection specific to your needs. Data collecton on SSAI is currently underway as are more topics.

CDN/Web Performance Pricing
I’ve collected data around media delivery and web performance services from hundreds of customers (600+ media, 250+ performance), broken out by the U.S. and APAC markets. The survey details how much they spend, traffic growth, the rate they pay, number of CDNs they use (including vendor name) and a host of other details. There are two separate sets of survey data, broken out by media/web performance.

Multi-CDN Usage
I’ve collected data on multi-CDN usage from over 200+ publishers and broadcasters specific to video, which details what they want from the service, what they are willing to pay for it, how they think about splitting their traffic and how they measure quality amongst many other details.

Cloud Security
I’ve collected data from over 150+ cloud security customers on what type of security solutions they use, if they migrated from on-prem solutions, what features are most important (capacity, automated mitigation, managed service etc.) what types of attacks concern them the most and who they use and other details.

Please contact me for more details on what I have collected and I can share with you additional survey topics I am working on. 917-523-4562