Lessons Learned: Overcoming Challenges In Delivering Video Inside The Last Mile

It’s estimated that up to 5% of TV time is now over OTT streaming platforms. How will networks scale when this volume becomes 25-50%?  At the NAB Streaming Summit, taking place next week on April 11th in Vegas, we have a session entitled “Overcoming Challenges In Delivering Video Inside the Last Mile“. Use discount code DAN18 and you can register at a special rate.

Come listen to our expert panel as they discuss what they’ve learned on scaling OTT, pitfalls along the way and what the blockers of adoption will be as traffic crosses over from wall garden networks to the internet. Speakers include:

  • Moderator: Yves Boudreau, VP, Partnerships and Ecosystem Strategy, UDN, Ericsson
  • Panelist: Michael Altland, Director, Network Infrastructure Planning, Verizon
  • Panelist: Jan van Doorn, Fellow, Comcast
  • Panelist: Brent Yates, CTO, Hellastorm

For a complete list of all the sessions taking place at the #streamingsummit, check out this page on the NAB website. #NABShow