Hosting CDN Dinner With Fastly For Wall Street, Dec. 14th in NYC

On Thursday December 14th, in conjunction with JNK Securities, I will be hosting a dinner in NYC for those on Wall Street to learn more about Fastly, with Joshua Bixby, Investor and President of Fastly, and Lee Chen, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Fastly. We plan on discussing the catalysts driving the innovation in the CDN market for performance, security, how these innovations are interacting with cloud and the revolution that is serverless and compute at the edge. Fastly will discuss their software-defined and programmable approach to compute and network at the edge to create value propositions with traditional and cloud-first companies. Attendees will hear about factors influencing customer evaluations in edge Services/CDN, including scale, pricing, features, ease of deployment and use cases of “programmable edge.” Hear how Fastly has achieved a $100M run rate in six years, tripled their customer base in the past three years and how they stack up to the competition.

If you are interested in attending, please contact me. Note this event is only for those on Wall Street tied to the financial markets.