Hosting Wall Street Dinner On The Topic Of DIY CDNs with Varnish Software

On Tuesday October 24th, I will be hosting a dinner in NYC for those on Wall Street to learn more about the CDN market and Varnish Software, the company behind Varnish Cache. The company enables companies to build their own in-house private CDNs, hybrid CDNs, consumer CDNs, and advanced edge platforms. Brands like Twitch, NBA, Vimeo, Comcast, Sling TV, ESPN, Tesla, Stackpath, Bell Canada, Dell EMC, and Blizzard Entertainment all trust Varnish Software in helping them meet their content delivery and application performance needs. Varnish Software has over 150 enterprise customers who have built their own in-house CDN and this number is growing. The discussion will focus around DIY CDN’s, trends that are disrupting the commercial CDN market and what customers are looking for when it comes to delivering content on the web.

If you are interested in attending, please contact me. Note this event is only for those on Wall Street tied to the financial markets.