How Vimeo Is Defining Standards For A Fragmented VR and 360 Landscape

It’s been five years since Oculus VR launched their Kickstarter campaign for funding, but the 360 and VR landscape is still evolving, and increasingly fragmented. At the Streaming Media East show in NYC, taking place May 16-17,  Sara Poorsatter, Director of Product at Vimeo, will detail how the company is taking the scattered landscape and helping standardize it for creators and audiences; from cameras, to editing tools, to metadata, to player visual language, to distribution platforms. Learn about Vimeo’s goal to help define and promote standards, best practices, introduce/set a new benchmark for quality and offer tools that help creators showcase their content in the intended way – the highest quality possible.

You can register online using code 200DR17 and get $200 off your registration ticket. #smeast