Thursday Webinar: Achieving Scale, Security & Monetization For Multi-Screen Services

Thursday at 2pm ET, I’ll be moderating a webinar on the topic of “Achieving Scale, Security & Monetization For Multi-Screen Services“. The ability to deliver video over the top (OTT) provides new opportunities to redefine the TV experience and better match the preferred viewing experience for consumers. Thus, service providers are immensely pressured to harness the monetization potential of online consumption. As they seek to emulate the success and growth of mainstream OTT providers, they often underestimate the complexity of building and consistently maintaining secure players across a diverse mix of hardware and software platforms.

Learn how service providers can better understand what is needed to scale, secure and ultimately monetize OTT services across an ever-increasing number of connected devices. You will hear about:

  • The core role of apps for content consumption
  • The device fragmentation challenge
  • The illusion of “free” native media players and DRM systems
  • The value of downloadable players and DRM
  • The importance of cross platform data consistency for analytics
  • How data analytics can create new revenue streams

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