Moderating NYME Session On Future Of Live Streaming Thursday, Looking For Speaker

nyme-logoThursday at 12:20pm I am moderating a session on “The Future Of Live Streaming: Sports, Linear TV & Social” at the New York Media Festival in NYC. It’s a short 30-minute round table panel, with lots of Q&A from the audience. I am looking for one more speaker to join the panel, preferably a content owner/broadcaster/aggregator etc. Email me if interested.

The Future Of Live Streaming: Sports, Linear TV & Social
From NFL games on Twitter, to upcoming live linear services from Hulu and AT&T joining Sling TV, live streaming is exploding on the web. With rumors of Amazon wanting to license live sports content, Disney’s investment in MLBAM, and Twitch pumping out millions of live streams daily, consumers now have more live content choices than ever before. Attendees of this session will have the opportunity to participate in the discussion about the most important obstacles being faced when it comes to live streaming. Topics to be covered include content licensing costs for premium content, monetization business models, what consumers want to watch and the impact social services could have on live video. This will be an interactive session with plenty of Q&A from the audience.