Tuesday Webinar: How to Improve QoE for Exceptional Video Engagements

Tuesday at 2pm ET, I’ll be moderating a StreamingMedia.com webinar on the topic of “How to Improve QoE for Exceptional Video Engagements“. Whether you are an OTT provider, broadcaster, or B2B enterprise, getting people to watch an entire video isn’t easy. Not only do you need compelling content, you also need the highest Quality of Experience (QoE). Because what happens when your videos perform poorly; when it buffers consistently; when it plays badly on mobile devices? When your video fails because of quality, your viewers abandon it. They want online video to be just like they get on TV—at “Broadcast Quality.” And with the right technologies and a focus on optimization, you can give your viewers the experience they expect. In this webinar, you’ll learn from Limelight Networks and Nice People At Work how to quantify and measure QoE, how to fix it before it becomes a problem, and how to build the workflow and process you’ll need to ensure a consistently great online video experience.

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