Thursday Webinar: DASH and Multimedia Streaming

Thursday at 2pm ET, I’ll be moderating a webinar on the topic of “DASH and Multimedia Streaming“. By now, you’ve probably read enough to understand what DASH is and why it’s important. But let’s boil it down to the most important points: DASH is an adaptive bitrate streaming technology for delivering multimedia—i.e., video. It’s a codec-agnostic technology designed to partition and deliver congruent pieces of a multimedia file to a client, using HTTP.

Along with network conditions and other variables, the receiving device (such as a cellphone, tablet, set-top box, smart TV, or computer) dictates which “chunks”—each of which contains a different resolution and bitrate—to deliver to ensure uninterrupted play of the file as a whole. For Studio-Approved distribution models like OTT and SVOD, DASH is now DRM compatible using the CENC standard with a variety of DRMs for various playback platforms. Learn more about DASH DRM during this DASH Roundtable webinar including:

  • DASH use in cellular and broadcast industries
  • New technologies being added to DASHVersion 3.1 of the DASH interop guidelines and what they specify

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