The Business Strategy Behind The Fragmenting OTT Market

At the Streaming Media West show, [taking place November 16-19 in Huntington Beach, CA] you can learn about “The Business Strategy Behind The Fragmenting OTT Market”. From Netflix, HBO and Showtime, to broader offerings like Dish’s Sling, CBS’s All Access and Comcast’s Stream, there are a lot of OTT options. Are we ensuring differentiated experiences for consumers or are we building a slew of “me too” services? With reports showing OTT revenues are expected to be over $10B within the next few years, are content owners building a healthy marketplace with enough competition and differentiation for revenues to continue to grow? This panel will explore the business strategies behind the unbundling & unraveling of the industry as it moves from cable to the cloud, and the subsequent sprint to build new OTT experiences. Confirmed speakers include:

  • Moderator: Jim O’Neill, Principal Analyst, Ooyala
  • Amit Ziv, VP, Business Development, Epix
  • Michael Dube, Streaming Media Manager, NPR
  • Jimmy Schaeffler, Chairman, CSO, The Carmel Group
  • Cary Grant, CEO, PREMO

Register online using the code 15DR200 for a “Discovery Pass” and get free access to the keynotes, exhibit hall, discovery track sessions, and receptions at #smwest, or $200 off a full conference pass.