Google Cloud Announces CDN Interconnect Program With Level 3, Fastly, Highwinds & CloudFlare

Google Cloud has announced a new collaboration with four CDN providers, Level 3, CloudFlare, Fastly and Highwinds in a program they are calling CDN Interconnect. The goal is to allow joint customers of these CDN providers and Google’s Cloud Platform to pay reduced prices for in-region Cloud Platform egress traffic. I’m also hearing that additional CDNs will join the program before too long, giving content owners even more flexibility. For customers using Google Cloud as their origin source, this will lower their delivery costs and should improve delivery performance.

CDN Interconnect allows select CDN providers to establish direct interconnect links with Google’s edge network at various locations. Customer egressing network traffic from Google Cloud Platform through one of these links will benefit from the direct connectivity to the CDN providers and will be billed according to Google’s pricing. Intra-region carrier interconnect traffic will cost Google Cloud customers $0.04/GB in NA, $0.05/GB in EU and $0.06/GB in APAC.

Google notes that this pricing only applies to intra-region egress traffic that is sent to CDN providers approved by Google at specific locations approved by Google for those providers. So not every location a CDN provider has would necessarily be approved for the CDN Interconnect program. You can read more about the announcement on Google’s cloud blog.