UHD Codec Update: Legitimate Challengers to HEVC

Screen Shot 2015-05-04 at 4.19.55 PMIf you thought HEVC was the only UHD codec in town, you’ve got it wrong. At the Streaming Media East show next week, encoding guru Jan Ozer will be doing a presentation on “UHD Codec Update: Legitimate Challengers to HEVC”. In addition to VP9, which has been in use by YouTube for over 12 months, we have the open source Daala, from Xiph.org, RMVB from RealNetworks, and the new PERSEUS codec from V-Nova. In this session, you’ll get an update on where these codecs are in their development life cycle, their comparative performance, where they’re being used and their potential for use in streaming to desktops, mobile and OTT.

Online registration for the event is still open and using the discount code of DR100 will get you a two days pass to all of the keynotes and sessions for only $695. #smeast