Video Platform Provider Voped Looking To Sell Company, OTT Platform Available

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.15.12 PMThere continues to be a shake out within the tier-2 video platform space, (see Volar Video Selling Stream Stitching & Video Platform Assets) with the latest coming from Voped. I recently heard from Voped President and sole investor Mark Serrano, who tells me that he has decided to offer the platform for acquisition.

Mark tells me the company is already in preliminary discussions with a couple of large companies now, but also wanted to put the word out about their availability considering what’s happening in the space and the technology jump-start that his platform can offer. Voped offers an end-to-end solution to manage, encode, secure, deliver, and monetize video globally on the web, mobile, and other connected devices. So for the right company, acquiring versus buying can give them the advantage of time to market and the extensive experience of the team that built the platform.

Mark sees an advantage to the small size of his team (four original team members; the parent company provides numerous support services separately), in that it will make for an easy transition to bring the technology under a new banner. He says the company has a very efficient turnkey offering and has built it at a fraction of the cost compared to what the large platforms have invested. They have a lot of experience with custom development, from features to larger integrations – such as with Widevine DRM, payment gateways, a turnkey website solution, and custom user interfaces.

For information on Voped’s technology highlights you can check out this PDF deck and for those interested, you can contact Mark Serrano directly.