2014 Blog Recap: 1.8M Page Views, Thank You For All The Support

I wanted to take a minute to thank all the readers, sponsors and supporters of my blog in 2014. With just over 1.8M page views last year, and more than 30 sponsors, I’m still amazed by the reach I have, the loyalty of my readers and the support of so many vendors in the market. As just a single person, with no editor, no formal training in writing, and running a blog off of a $100 a year platform, I’m still humbled that so many people take an interest in what I have to say and also link to my posts. As many know, I don’t blog for a paycheck, that’s not what drives me and my only goal is to try to help educate the market, set realistic expectations and tell it like it is. It’s more than a job for me and I understand the responsibility I have to the industry and to those who work in it. As always, I am available to anyone, at any time, and you can always find my cell phone number listed at the top of my blog. I take all calls, return all emails and accept all meeting requests – free of charge. Thank you for your continued support.