Tuesday Webinar – Learn How To Deliver Video Globally & Manage Locally

Tomorrow (Dec. 2nd) at 9am ET, I’ll be moderating another StreamingMedia.com webinar, this time on the topic of, “Deliver Video Globally, Manage Locally.” As global video consumption brings us closer, content owners and distributors are aggressively attempting to reach more audiences in new geographies. However, these same content owners and distributors must grapple with the requirements to manage content at a local level due to content rights, device limitations, different network conditions and government regulations.

The technologies and solutions to manage these needs are complex and broad. Companies need to consider specific rights requirements, delivery methods and device playback as the major parts of a solution. Those parts then require tools that run the gamut of rules such as creative licenses, video expiration dates, video quality, release windows, security, DRM, geoblocking, advertising rights, IP address verification, multiple languages and user authentication.

Join Akamai and Kaltura as they present the integrated solution and examples that allow media companies and broadcasters to deliver content globally while creating personalised experiences for these audiences as well as maintaining controls adhering to local terms. You can sign up for the webinar for free and bring your questions for the Q&A portion of the event.