Thursday Webinar – Transcoding and Prepping Content for The Multiscreen Mandate

Thursday at 2pm ET, I’ll be moderating another webinar, this time on the topic of, “Transcoding and Prepping Content for The Multiscreen Mandate.” Encoding your video is one thing; transcoding is another ball of wax entirely. As multiscreen video consumption continues to grow, how does a company with a large video library ensure the best viewing experience, especially when new devices — and their wide array of screen sizes and operating systems — continue to enter the playing field? We’ll discuss workflows and on-prem and cloud solutions that offer ease, efficiency, and cost savings for your video publishing, on demand and live. Join iStreamPlanet, Akamai, Adobe, and Ooyala to learn about:

  • The top three challenges facing content owners and distributors in delivering multiscreen services
  • Secure, cloud-based media processing that offers high quality content preparation through an efficient turnkey media solution
  • One-stop content preparation and packaging for multiple platforms for both live and on-demand media
  • Supporting a wide range of source codecs from established broadcast codecs to newer codecs like h.264/h.265
  • Integration with a content management system and playback infrastructure to support existing and new business models

These questions and many more will be covered in this webinar so REGISTER NOW to join us for this FREE Web event.