Thursday Webinar: Why Your CDN Needs To Be Paired With Managed DNS

Thursday at 2pm ET, I’ll be moderating another webinar, this time on the topic of, “Four Reasons Why Your CDN Needs To Be Paired With Managed DNS.” Internet performance is more important to companies and brands than ever before with competition for page views, clicks, and conversions increasing every day. If your company is using a content delivery network (CDN) to deliver the videos, pictures, and content, you are putting your CDN investment at risk if you don’t have a managed DNS provider to help power that performance. Dyn Director of Performance Assurance Charlie Baker will go into why CDNs need to be paired with managed DNS, hitting up four specific areas:

  • The DNS impact on page load time
  • Why a CDN-agnostic plan with managed DNS is key
  • The big three of reliability, flexibility, and performance
  • Case studies on how to optimize your performance using multiple providers

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