New Speaking Spots Open: 4K, Video Monetization, Advertising Spend, Live Streaming

Some new speaking spots have just opened for the Streaming Media East show, taking place May 13-14 in NYC. In addition to these speaking spots, I also now have room to add two more sessions to the program. If you want to organize and moderate a session around a particular topic, please contact me. One 60 minute round table panel spot is open and I am accepting all suggestions from everyone on topics and pitches. The second round table panel will be about streaming live events, specifically around content like gaming from services like and others. I am looking for a moderator and speakers for this session as well.

In addition, some of the moderators in the program are looking for specific speakers for their sessions, so contact me if you are interested in any of these openings:

4K Streaming: Cost, QoS, and Cutting Through The Hype
It seems every year the online video space is inundated with the next big thing and a push toward the latest technology must-have. In years past, we saw pushes for 3D streaming and HEVC; this year, it’s all about 4K. This session will cut through the 4K hype and discuss what real-world impact 4K could have and what the requirements really are to stream in 4K. Hear from experts from various sides of the industry to get some clarity on what 4K will cost content owners to implement, how QoS will be addressed, and what the future may hold for 4K streaming.

Looking for one content owner/distributor/syndicator specifically.

How Advertisers Can Master the Spend Between Television and Digital Video
This year’s TV Upfront marks one of the first years that a common set of measurement metrics is available in the advertising world for both television and digital video. Agencies and brands alike are now faced with the challenge to create a holistic spending strategy that brings the most value from both online and television ad dollars. In this session, speakers will explain how technology is now enabling businesses to strategically map cross-screen advertising spend in order to maximize campaign ROI. The panel will discuss how these strategies are effectively optimizing campaign reach and influence, as well as combating struggles of fragmenting reach and inventory restraints that have historically come with television-only campaigns.

Looking for moderator and accepting all speaking submissions.

Paid Media on YouTube: Strategies for Brands
Most consumer brands have developed some presence on YouTube, but paid media on the entertainment behemoth remains a mystery for many. Should YouTube be treated as an extension of search or television, performance or branding? Is cost-per-completed-view an appropriate performance metric? With easy access to TrueView ads through AdWords, should media agencies oversee these budgets? This session will discuss multi-channel networks and YouTube technology partners, looking at how they add value and how brands should work with a third party to manage content on YouTube.

Looking for speakers who are content owners, agencies or brands.

Achieving Video Advertising Campaign Goals Through Data
Traditional video ad buys were broad, untargeted and inefficient. However these days with the move to programmatic buying, and the expansion of the video market, a whole new wave of efficient buying has emerged. Based on a campaign’s key performance indicators, be it clicks, or completes, far greater performance can be achieved at a much lower cost. This session will look at the leading ways to slice and dice audiences by demographics, psychographic, behavioral and contextual data. It will also explore the most important metrics for engagement and performance as viewed by brands, agencies, and networks.

Accepting all speaking submissions.

The Economics of Mobile Video: Building a Profitable Business
Delivering premium content to mobile devices has moved from sideshow to the main event. Publishers and broadcasters are now tasked with making streaming profitable on all screens, which involves a lot of complexity. From the expense of creating a high-quality experience for multiple devices and platforms, to the complexities of transcoding, ad insertion and measurement, monetizing mobile video remains challenging. This session will discuss which approaches are working in the market, what type of content consumers are viewing, how big of an opportunity mobile is to premium content owners and how they can build an effective mobile video strategy.

Looking for content owners/distributors/syndicators specifically.