See Amazon’s Latest Dynamic Site Delivery Product In Action at The CDN Summit

LogoOn Monday May 20th, at the Content Delivery Summit in NYC, (#cdnsummit) Amazon will show off the latest developments with their Dynamic Site Delivery offering. Amazon will demonstrate how you can use Amazon CloudFront to help architect your site to deliver both static and dynamic content. Attendees will also learn how they can configure multiple origin servers for their Amazon CloudFront distribution; use query string parameters to help customize their web pages for each viewer and how content owners can configure multiple cache behaviors, based on URL patterns on their website. Amazon’s goal is to make dynamic site delivery affordable, easy to configure and manage and provide¬† more options for content owners looking for reliable delivery of dynamic assets.

Now in its fifth year, the Content Delivery Summit is a one-day conference designed to bring together telecom carriers, service providers, content owners, and industry vendors for a detailed look at CDN platforms for the delivery of video and content acceleration. Readers of my blog can register using my own personal discount code of DR13, which gets you a ticket to the show for only $395.