Thursday Webinar: CorporateTube – The Next Step for Enterprise Success

Thursday March 28th, at 11am ET I’ll be moderating another webinar on the topic of, “CorporateTube – The Next Step for Enterprise Success.” While it is commonly known that video is the next frontier for efficient communication in modern companies – many enterprises today still only leverage a fraction of the benefits video can bring. Much has been said about the multiple benefits that will arise from using more video: cost cutting, increased employee collaboration and productivity, enhanced customer engagement, superior learning and training, and more. But it seems like many organizations still struggle to find a video solution that can combine all these benefits and easily incorporate video into existing systems and processes.

In this webinar, we will discuss the ultimate solution – the CorporateTube. Join experts from SAP and Kaltura for a session that will explain the many possibilities of deploying a CorporateTube for your organization. Learn from an elaborate case study and see how leading companies implemented this cutting edge solution to reap the benefits of video in the enterprise.

We’ll have a full Q&A session in which your questions will be answered and as always, all webinars are free. So register here and save the date for this instructional webinar.