Learn All About Social TV, Smart TV, and TV Apps, At #smwest Next Week

At the Streaming Media West show next week, (#smwest) social TV and smart TV guru Jeremy Toeman (see his Future of Smart TV news feed), who is also the CEO of Dijit, is moderating an entire track on the challenges cable, studio and digital distribution executives face when it comes to the connected TV landscape. Jeremy’s leading 5 sessions on the topics of:

  • Social TV: Where’s the Money?
  • Is there a Killer App for TV, Or is TV the Killer App?
  • Smart TV or Dumb TV?
  • Deconstructing Content Offerings for the Second Screen
  • Virtual Coffee Tables and TV App Graveyards

Some of the questions that will be discussed include:

  • In a world cluttered with badges, check-ins, stickers, hashtags, likes, plusses, apps, and so many other terms, is there any real money being exchanged in the world called Social TV?
  • What are the current content, distribution, and consumer-facing challenges of TV in an app world?
  • Can  second screen offerings really complement some content, like sports and reality TV shows?
  • Is there a one-size-fits all answer or approach to TV apps? Is there an uber-TV app coming, or are we destined to have a dedicated app for each TV show we like, each network we watch, each movie we see, etc?
  • Do people want smart TVs, or do they just want “feature” TVs? Will fragmentation kill the industry before it even really gets off the ground?
  • TV is inherently a social medium, and people are tweeting and liking things, so there’s some smoke – but where’s the fire?

With speakers from Roku, Sling Media, Turner Sports, Snappy TV, Trendrr, DirecTV, Revision3, LG, Sharp2nd Screen,  BET Networks, the Connected TV Marketing Association, and others, the Streaming Media West show is the place to be in LA next week. And if you can’t make it to the sessions, stop by the show floor on Tuesday October 30th for the networking event. It’s free!

It’s not too late to get a pass to the show and readers of my blog can register using my own personal discount code of DRF1, which gets you a two-day ticket to the show for only $595. That’s $300 off the regular ticket price and it gets you access to both keynotes, 35 sessions and how-to presentations, 100+ speakers and all the networking events, including the special MPEG-DASH event.