Updated List Of Vendors In The Content Delivery and Transparent Caching Markets

It’s been awhile since I updated my list of companies connected to the content delivery market including vendors that offer CDN services, licensed and managed CDN platforms, transparent caching platforms and those carriers and telcos who are deploying these services. Since my last post on the subject, Akamai acquired Cotendo, Internap acquired Voxel, Technicolor sold off their video assets, XO Communications got into the market and other companies have come and gone.

This list is far from complete and I’m sure there are others I could include. For now, I’m not adding any P2P based services, mobile content delivery, commerce and advertising platforms or hosting providers that have pricing starting at $99 a month. When this list first started off, it was composed of just service based CDNs who offered video delivery and over time, the list has evolved to feature other technologies and platforms having to do with optimizing the delivery of web content.

While content delivery is a generic term and probably includes hundreds of vendors if you include all cloud based services, co-location companies, regional service providers, P2P networks and mobile platforms, I’ve tried to keep this list to vendors specifically tied to the delivery of video, be it as a service or platform for both On-net and Off-net applications.

But I do think this list needs to continue to expand so I am open to ideas and suggestions on adding new categories. I’m thinking of adding companies that offer FEO and DSA to the list as well, so I welcome you comments and suggestions. (To make the list easier to find on my blog, all you have to do is go to www.cdnlist.com for the latest update.)

CDN Service Providers

Telcos/Carriers deploying & building CDNs (some deployments are only for internal use, others are selling it as a service, like Level 3 and AT&T)

CDN Management Platforms

Transparent Caching Platforms (An Overview Of Transparent Caching and Its Role In The CDN Market)

If you think a current or former company should be added to any of these lists, I’m happy to hear suggestions in the comments section below.