Call For Speakers Open For The Streaming Media West Show

The call for speakers for the next Streaming Media West show, taking place October October 29-31 in LA, has been open for a few weeks and anyone interested in potentially presenting or speaking at the show needs to submit a proposal via the website. The deadline for proposals is June 22nd. Proposals are always welcomed after the deadline, but I get seven or eight times the number of submissions I can use by the deadline, so getting it on time is important.

At our May show in NYC, I cut out 1/3 of all the round-table sessions and replaced them with how-to presentations. I will be doing the same for the West show which means there will be fewer spots for speakers on panel sessions. Attendees have told us to "talk less and show more", so that's what we're doing with more hands-on presenters. If you'd like to pitch a hands-on presentation, please look at the list of ones we had at the May show to get an idea of the topics we cover.

I get asked time and again how I pick speakers and for info on the speaker selection process, as well as what is required from vendors if they want to speak. I've explained that in detail on my blog many times so if you are new to the process, please see my post here that explains it in detail. [Here's How Vendors Can Speak At The Streaming Media West Show In LA] While the post talks to last year's show, it still applies.

Based on the proposals I have already received, I probably have 75% of my topics decided upon and outlined. But if you want to moderate a session and help create the content and invite speakers, please contact me ASAP if you haven't already.

Also, I know that many other shows wait till a month or two before the event to place a lot of their speakers. I have 150 speakers, 20 how-to sessions, four workshops and two keynotes over three days, so a lot of the planning happens well in advance. Trying to get a speaking spot last minute is nearly impossible, so please understand that when you call me two weeks before the show asking why you can't speak.

We'll be adding a new conference to the West show this year called "The Enterprise Video Conference". The purpose of the conference is to have a dedicated event focused on the enterprise and education verticals and their adoption of video. I'll post more info on my blog about that event shortly and will announce a list of industry executives who make up the advisory committee helping us plan the new show.