Thursday Webinar: “Best Practices for Multi-Screen Video Delivery”

Thursday at 2pm ET I'll be moderating another webinar, this time on the topic of "Best Practices for Multi-Screen Video Delivery". The cost and complexity of incompatible video clients and formats have made delivering feature-rich multi-screen video very challenging. Join Wowza Media Systems, Cisco, Haivision, and Mirror Image Internet who will provide attendees with workflow strategies and considerations for delivering video to all types of screens. Learn the best practices for creating multi-screen profiles, device detection, multi-format delivery, customization by device type and learn about the new economics of multi-screen delivery. The webinar will cover:

  • ingesting and encoding video for multi-format delivery
  • defining your multi-screen profiles
  • delivering video and live streams directly to a CDN
  • guarding against link sharing to protect streams
  • delivering the right content to each screen based on device and location
  • the business rationale for multi-screen delivery for service providers, content providers and aggregators today

Register here and bring your questions for the presenters for the live Q&A portion of the event.