Meet Some of The Newest Startups at The CDN Summit: Qwilt, Yottaa, Fastly, DeepField Networks

There are a lot of new and exciting companies entering the CDN market and at the Content Delivery Summit, talking place Monday May 14th in NYC, attendees will have to the chance to see some of these companies in action, including presentations from Qwilt, Yottaa, Fastly and DeepField Networks.

  • The New Evolution of Transparent Video Caching: The presentation will cover best practices for network insertion of transparent caching solutions in order to maximize return on investment and will go through pre-deployment analysis and sizing strategies, demonstrating Qwilt's platform video analytics capabilities. The session will also provide some guidelines in sizing and comparing TPC solutions and what are the gotchas operators should look for. Presenter: Alon Maor, CEO, Qwilt
  • Using CDN and Front-End Optimization To Deliver a Good Mobile Experience: In this presentation, learn how Mocospace combined Front-End optimization with CDN to deliver a great user experience for mobile apps and HTML5 games. Hear about some of the unique challenges of the mobile web including the differences between the desktop and mobile web, how last-mile latency is the primary opportunity, and how and why front-end optimization is a key ingredient for innovation and continued growth on the mobile Web. Presenters: Jamie Hall, CTO, Mocospace and Bob Buffone, Co-Founder, CTO, Yottaa
  • The Economics of Building an In-House CDN: This presentation will cover the technology and economic factors when it comes to building your own CDNs in a private/hybrid model, for long tail user generated content. Fastly is the result of a build your own CDN strategy at Wikia and was spun off to deliver a service and custom-made CDN installations. Learn how to deliver very large libraries of small objects, with very flexible configuration language and instant network wide purges, all delivered from well-balanced high performance commodity boxes. Presenter: Artur Bergman, CEO, Founder, Fastly
  • CDN and Over-The-Top Traffic Data: In one of the largest studies of its kind, DeepField Networks will report on growth in CDN traffic, over-the-top services and other sources of consumer video across multiple providers. Data will be presented from a study of a hundred providers around the world as well as their recent work analyzing traffic patterns across several million subscribers in North America. This presentation explores seismic, ongoing shifts in Internet traffic demands and underlying network architecture as well as a discussion of evolving provider peering and CDN strategies. Presenter: Craig Labovitz, Co-Founder, DeepField Networks

It's not too late to get a pass for the event and you can use the special registration code of DRF01 and get access to the keynotes, all of the sessions, presentations and networking events for only $295. Register here and put the code DRF01 in the box at the bottom. Twitter hash tag #cdnsummit