CDN Yottaa Raises $9M In Series B Round, Wants To Become The Next Cotendo

In February, Boston based Yottaa (pronounced "Yo-ta") announced a new dynamic site acceleration service aimed at the small and medium sized business (SMB) markets with the goal of trying to fill the void left in the market for DSA services, due to Akamai's recent purchase of Cotendo. This week, the company raised $9M in a Series B round and has now raised $13M to date.

For those not familiar with dynamic site acceleration, it is a suite of technologies and products that deals with optimizing dynamically served content across the network. Traditional DSA services often include TCP optimization, route optimization, connection management, on-the-fly compression, SSL offload and pre-fetching technologies.

In addition to offering DSA services, Yottaa also offers mobile content acceleration and content delivery for small objects, not video. The company also announced that they have been granted two patents in the areas of web performance optimization (WPO), Front-end Optimization (FEO), web security and cloud routing. While Yottaa has a long way to go to become the next Cotendo, the company in on track to do under $10M this year, (Cotendo did $24M in 2011) Yottaa did say that in the last month, 5% of the Internet population has visited sites accelerated by the their network.

Yottaa was one of the presenters at last week's Content Delivery Summit and you can see their presentation here that they did with Mocospace, which is one of the largest entertainment destinations on the mobile web with 25 million registered users, spending over 1 million hours per day playing games and making friends.

The company now employees 40 people and current investors General Catalyst Partners, Stata Venture Partners and Cambridge West Ventures combined for the second round of funding, along with additional undisclosed investors.