Thursday Webinar: “Best Practices & Business Cases For Transparent Caching”

Thursday at 2pm ET I'll be moderating another webinar, this time on the topic of "Best Practices & Business Cases For Transparent Caching". With the explosion in demand for Internet video, many network operators are exploring the use of transparent caching technologies to improve delivery quality and manage network costs. This webinar will explain the business case for deploying transparent caching solutions, what value they provide, what you should look for in a transparent caching solution and will highlight some of the best practices for deploying these products inside a fixed or mobile network.

This session assembles industry experts from Verivue, Qwilt, PeerApp and Cisco who will talk about the value and best practices that make transparent caching delivery effective both from a service and cost perspective, illustrated through operator case studies. The webinar will cover:

  • the business case for transparent caching in both fixed and mobile operator networks
  • the role of transparent caching inside a carrier content delivery network (CDN)
  • the justification for caching content at the edge
  • metrics for evaluating your next transparent caching solution
  • complementary nature of transparent caching and CDN Solutions

Register here and bring your questions for the presenters for the live Q&A portion of the event.