Transparent Caching Market $142M This Year, Growing To Over $400M By 2014

In addition to my role at, I'm also a Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan. We do a lot of private research for companies in the industry and we also produce quite a few reports each year that focus on the size of different products and services in the digital video ecosystem. One of the reports new to our list this year is on the topic of transparent caching, entitled "Analysis of the Global Transparent Caching Market".

As video streaming and rich media downloads continue to flood operator networks, with no end in sight, network operators are evaluating and deploying transparent Internet caching inside their networks to address a broader range of Internet content. The intent is two-fold. The first is to reduce the network infrastructure and bandwidth costs associated with over the top (OTT) content and the second is to differentiate their consumer broadband service and deliver better user performance. By eliminating any potential delays associated with the Internet or even the content origin, caching allows the operator to highlight their investment being made in the access network and deliver more content at top speeds.

The global transparent caching market is poised for robust growth driven by an increased demand for web based video and a rush of telco operators seeking to deploy CDN services to meet that demand. Still in its infancy, the market's worldwide revenues should equal just over $140M this year and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 39.3 percent from 2010 to 2014 to reach over $400M dollars in revenues by 2014. Leading factors that will impact the market include increase in the unfettered viewing of video over broadband from IP enabled mobile devices and other consumer products, higher adoption of CDN services for video delivery by media and entertainment companies, and launch of CDN services by communication service providers.

In addition to detailing the market drivers, the report also outlines the restraints to market growth, product and pricing trends, the competitive landscape, and market forecasts and trend analysis broken out by region of the world for the next four years. The report also highlights vendors in the transparent caching market including Alcatel-Lucent, Blue Coat, BTI Systems, Huawei, Juniper, Oversi, PeerApp, Verivue and calls out those like Cisco who are expected to become challengers in the industry over time.

Copies of the report are available to any customer who has a subscription to Frost's Digital Media research service and anyone interested in getting a subscription can contact me for more details. Also, while many research analysts at other firms won't talk to someone unless they are a customer of that firm, I have and always will talk to any company who is interested in getting more details on any aspect of the video, streaming and content delivery ecosystem. You don't have to be a customer of Frost & Sullivan for me to take your call and do a briefing with you, so call anytime.

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