Enterprise Video Webcasting Market Size $133M, Growing To $500M By 2017

In addition to my job at StreamingMedia.com and running my blog, I'm also a Principal Analyst at Frost & Sullivan in their Digital Media Group. We do a lot of private research for companies in the industry and we also produce quite a few reports each year that focus on the size of different products and services in the digital video ecosystem. One of the reports new to our list this year is on the topic of enterprise video webcasting, entitled "World Enterprise Video Webcasting Solutions Market".

As enterprise video gains popularity, video webcasting solutions have mushroomed across the enterprise landscape, empowering enterprises to communicate to many within the organization. Since its inception, the enterprise video webcasting industry has expanded its technology and service capacity, grown its market vertical and geographic coverage, and secured its status as a business critical communications application.

In 2010 the market achieved revenues of $112M and we anticipate the market to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 24.8% from 2010-2017, reaching more than half a billion dollars by 2017. Today, the total market comprises more than 21 vendors globally with 34.3% of the total revenues contributed by the top three market vendors. While today's market sizing numbers may seem small to some, these numbers are specific to enterprise webcasting platforms deployed inside the firewall. It does not include webconferencing systems, hardware or lecture capture solutions or webcasting in the media and entertainment market. Also, with the recent sale of vendors in this sector like Accordent and Qumu, we've also seen their revenues made public with Accordent doing $9M in 2010 and Qumu doing $15M in revenue this year.

For the purpose of the report we analyzed market size and growth trends for the total webcasting market as well as end-to-end enterprise video webcasting platforms. The latter is a rapidly growing segment within the total enterprise video webcasting solutions market, comprising over a dozen of the more than 21 key vendors. Frost & Sullivan defines an end-to-end enterprise video webcasting platform as a single platform that includes end-to-end technologies which enables and centralizes the functions of creation, capture, ingest, encoding/transcoding, management and delivery of video webcasts within the enterprise.

In addition to detailing the market drivers, the report also outlines the restraints to market growth, product and pricing trends, the competitive landscape and market forecasts and trend analysis broken out by region of the world for the next six years. The report also highlights vendors in the enterprise webcasting market including Accordent/Polycom, Cisco, Ignite, Kontiki, MediaPlatform, ON24, Qumu, Sonic Foundry, Telestream, VBrick and discusses those companies, including Cisco, who we believe will consolidate and dominate the enterprise video webcasting market in the future.

Copies of the report are available to any customer who has a subscription to Frost's Digital Media research service and anyone interested in getting a subscription can contact me for more details. Also, while many research analysts at other firms won't talk to someone unless they are a customer of that firm, I have and always will talk to any company who is interested in getting more details on any aspect of the online video ecosystem. You don't have to be a customer of Frost & Sullivan for me to take your call and do a briefing with you, so call or contact me at anytime.