Sony Slashes Prices Again On Google TV Models, 24″ Now Only $295

Screen shot 2011-08-11 at 3.27.19 PM Back in November, Sony lowered the price of their Sony Internet TVs by $200 and in the past few weeks, Sony has lowered the price on them again. If you are looking to upgrade your TV or get one for kids going back to school, these Sony models are one of the best deals I have ever seen on a Internet connected TV, with full support for 1080p. The 24" model is now just $295, down from the $599 price when it originally launched. New pricing on the 32" model is $498, the 40" model is $723 and the 46" model is $961, which is $400 cheaper than last year. (Note: these are the current prices from Amazon – with free shipping.)

Sony confirmed for me that a new lineup of Sony Internet TV's with the Google TV platform are not about to be released and that they simply lowered TV prices to grab more market share. That said, later this summer, Google will launch version two of their Google TV platform, built on Android 3.1, and all of these Sony Internet TV models will be getting that software upgrade. While we all know the Google TV platform still needs a lot of work, once the Google TV software update does comes out, the combination of Sony's set and the Google TV platform will be one of the best combinations in the market, for broadband enabled TVs. And at $295 for a 24" set, you can't go wrong.

I will try to and buy a 24" model in the next few days and raffle it off here on the blog to one lucky reader. I am currently giving away a free Logitech Revue with Google TV, so enter here if you want to try and win that.