Webinar 2pm ET: How Service Providers Can Optimize Video Delivery With Caching

As Internet video traffic continues to grow, service providers are doing what they can to keep pace-but they face a variety of challenges, including dealing with network congestion, having less control over their networks, and striking the right balance between improving end-user quality of experience and reducing infrastructure and bandwidth costs. One way service providers can solve many of these problems is by deploying intelligent, transparent content caches throughout their networks.

On Thursday at 2pm ET,  I will be moderating a live webinar with presenters from BTI Systems, Blue Coat Systems and Verivue focusing on how transparent caching works and the benefits it providers to
service providers. Attendees will learn how transparent caching solutions can:

  • improve subscribers’ experience
  • deliver rich content like video & contain network costs
  • create new business models for network operators
  • improve response times and alleviate bandwidth bottlenecks
  • reduce peering costs
  • scale economically to thousands or even millions of subscribers

Register here and bring your questions for the presenters for the live Q&A portion of the event.

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