Updated List Of Vendors In The Content Delivery Ecosystem

It’s been about a year since I updated my list of carriers, telcos and pure-play companies in the CDN business and in that time, there have been quite a few changes in the market. I’ve decided to add to this list transparent caching providers and other vendors who are tied into the content delivery ecosystem for video. I’ve also added to the list a lot of providers who have long since been acquired and noted who they were acquired by. I think it is important that there is a running history of the vendors that helped shape the content delivery business since its inception nearly 15 years ago.

While content delivery is a generic term and probably includes hundreds of vendors if you include cloud based services, co-location companies, regional service providers, P2P networks and mobile platforms, I’ve tried to keep this list to vendors specifically tied to the delivery of video, be it as a service or platform for both On-net and Off-net applications. (To make the list easier to find on my blog, all you have to do is go to www.cdnlist.com for the latest update.)

Pure-Play CDNs

Non Pure-Play CDNs (telcos/carriers)

CDN Management Platforms/Transparent Caching Platforms:

If you think a current or former company should be added to my list, I’m happy to hear suggestions in the comments section below.