CDN Provider EdgeCast Says They Now Carry 4% Of All Worldwide Internet Traffic

Content delivery network company EdgeCast announced yesterday that they are now powering more than 3,000 customers, serving more than 1.5 billion objects per hour and carry approximately 4% of all worldwide Internet traffic. I'm not sure how exactly these percentages are measured, but the last time I heard Akamai use the same metrics, Akamai said they were serving about 25% of the total Internet traffic.

Of course comparing Akamai to EdgeCast is not really fair since Akamai is doing over $1B in annual revenue and EdgeCast is slated to do between $50-$100M this year. However, EdgeCast is doing very well in the market when it comes to targeting mid-sized customers and carriers who license their CDN software. The company has grown very nicely in exactly three years and to date, and has only raised under $20M in funding. EdgeCast became cash flow positive in 2009 and confirmed for me today that they are still profitable.

I like to think of EdgeCast as the current "Speedera" of the industry and those of you who remember Speedera from many years ago will recall how the company was known for having great performance, great support and really affordable pricing.

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