The Ultimate Broadband Enabled Device Matrix, With Tech Specs & Content Platforms

[Updated: You can always download the latest verison of the chart at] Two weeks ago, at the Streaming Media East show, we had the ultimate over-the-top video display we called the Broadband Device Pavilion. Attendees had the chance to get hands-on with more than three dozen devices and content platforms and we handed out a device matrix chart that listed all the devices tech specs and content platforms they support. You can now download the latest verison of the chart at

The chart was printed a few weeks before the show, and there have been a few changes since then, like the addition of the EPIX HD platform to some of the devices. We will be updating this chart a few times throughout the year and you can send any additions or errors you spot to me directly. We’ll also be doing another chart like this for Blu-ray players and possibly connected TVs.

In addition, many of the device and platform vendors were nice enough to give us some hardware devices and content subscriptions and I still have a few items left from the show that I will be giving away on the blog over the next few weeks. We’ll be doing the Broadband Enabled Device Pavilion again next year, and many even later in the year for our LA show. So if you are a CE vendor that wants to have your hardware showcased, please contact me.

A big thank you to the following companies who supported the pavilion and worked with us to make it happen: Samsung, Boxee, TiVo, Microsoft (Xbox), Roku, Logitech, Western Digital, MLB.TV, Netflix, Blockbuster, Hulu, VUDU, OnLive and HBO.

Corrections noted so far:

Updated 5/25: YouTube is no longer supported on the Roku. The Logitech Revue has DLNA support. The Wii has a browser.

Updated 6/30: The WD TV Live Plus does have USB Content Playback.