Three New White Papers Released On The Telco CDN Space

Telcos, MSOs and service providers are hard at work deploying content delivery solutions inside their network for video distribution and over-the-top services, a hot topic that we will be talking more about at the Content Delivery Summit on May 9th in NYC. Three vendors have just put out new white papers on the subject of telco CDNs, which I have highlighted below.

  • Octoshape has released a white paper about breaking the constraints of scale, quality, cost, and global reach in content delivery. It's a really detailed white paper, one of the better ones I have seen of late and makes for a great read. You can download the white paper here.
  • Jet-Stream released a new document about what they are calling the six trends in CDNs and how their technology addresses these trends including: from best effort to premium, from global to regional, three screens, video, global CDNs and telco CDNs, mobile delivery. You can download the white paper here.
  • Skytide's new white paper entitled the 4 keys to telco CDN success talks about the relationship between quality of service, cost advantages, new business models and customer success. You can download the white paper here.

We'll be talking about Service provider platforms; transparent caching; application acceleration and dynamic site acceleration; build versus buy strategies; mobile video deployments; future trending costs; and more at the Content Delivery Summit on May 9th. You can register online for only $395 using the special discount code DAN and I'll be sharing all of the program details shortly.