Moderating Webinar At 2pm ET Today On The Topic Of “Live Webcasting”

Today at 2pm ET I'll be moderating another webinar on the topic of live webcasting. The focus of the webinar will discuss delivery systems, performance monitoring, and audience capturing for live event streaming of events large and small, enabling the best quality experience while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Presenters from Highwinds, Adobe, Microsoft and Conviva will discuss the following:

  • Preventing on-site gear expansion when end-device count increases
  • Managing redundant paths for premium events
  • Deliver high quality video consistently across all devices and platforms
  • Use multicast and peer to peer technologies to increase video quality and decrease bandwidth and infrastructure costs
  • Add network DVR and social features to engage and expand your audience
  • Learn about existing components that you can use for building your own live streaming event

We'll also be having a Q&A session with all four presenters, so sign up here for the webinar and bring your questions about live webcasting.